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How to Maximize Teams & Groups

Learn how to use all of our features to equip your teams and groups to fulfill your mission and vision.

Managing Your Group

Learn settings like recieving calendar invites, adding/removing members, and annoucment only groups.

Smart Notifications

Only get notifications when you are rostred for an event. (enabled by default)

Google Calendar Integration

Sync your Involv events to your favorite calendar via our Google Calendar Integration.

Organizations and Analytics

Each group belongs to an logs activity to an organization.

Creating Events

Create events for anything your group does together.

Rostering and Itineraries

Roster users to a team with a role. Create itineraries (run-sheets) to plan every detail of your event.

In-Chat Features

Replies, mentions, editing messages, tap backs and much more!

Task Management

Learn how to simply collaborate, check your inbox and prioritize work.