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Task Management

Task management is a very simple way to turn a conversation into an action item to be tracked. Oftentimes, a message is really an ask that needs to be turned into a task. Easily convert a message into a task by selecting the three dots on a message and selecting the “Convert to Task'' option.

Each group has its own task board. Access tasks by selecting the tasks tab in each group.

The inbox is only visible at the top of the home view when you have tasks or events assigned to you. You can tap into the inbox and see a list of all your tasks and rostered events in one place.

Tasks can be as simple as a title, but you can also optionally add the following to a task:

  • Due Date
  • Priority
  • Description
  • Checklist
  • Multiple Assignee and Roles

You can add multiple assignees to a task and give each person a different role for clarity on who is doing what.

By default, you will only see tasks assigned to you, or tasks with no assignee in the group.

To see all tasks, select the filter in the top left of the task and select “All Tasks”

Completed tasks will be hidden. If you would like to see completed tasks, you can filter by “Done”

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