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Organizations and Analytics

Every group belongs to an organization. All chat activity, attendance, and roster data is available in our analytics section.

You can set the default timezone for groups, change the name of your organization and add your logo by navigating to:

User Profile → Organization → Edit

You can re-label many of the words in Involv for them to better match your organization culture.

A popular re-label we see many organizations do is change “itinerary” to “run-sheet”.

When re-labeling a term in Involv, remember to relabel the singular noun. For example, you could re-label groups to teams, but in the org settings, admins should input “Team” not “Teams”

The owner of the organization can give other members access to more features to manage the organization by checking on different features in the organization settings.

Admins can also remove members from the organization. To invite someone to the org, there are multiple ways. If you want to invite someone to the organization, but not a group, you can send an organization invite from the organization settings.

The easiest and most efficient way to invite new people to your org is by inviting to a group within your organization. That can be completed by sharing the invite link found in the group settings.

One of the coolest features of Involv is seeing how well your organization is communicating every day! See which members of your organization chat the most and the least.

You can also learn insightful information about groups in your organization. Now you can know who the most involved people in your organization are!

Select your User Profile → Organization → Analytics to get started!

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