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Rostering and Itineraries

Quickly build teams and itineraries for events on the fly. If you think you will build another team or itinerary in the future similar to the one you made, you can save it as a preset!

Import teams and itineraries into new events to save time! Creating presets is fundamentally the same as building them in an event. You can create and manage your presets in the group settings from the group name dropdown found at the top of your group.

Group Name Dropdown → Presets

When creating your first team, try creating all the teams you will need first. Then fill each team with members from your group. If the user that you're trying to roster is not showing up, make sure they are in the group as only group members can be rostered to a team.

We made the itinerary builder to be very versatile. For best results, quickly create all the segments you will need for your itinerary. The first itinerary cannot be reordered, you will have to rename it if it needs to be changed to another segment.

Each segment can be reordered, can have a description and even assign any member from your entire organization to the segment. This is different from rostering, as you can only roster team members, but it’s common for someone in the organization not in the group to potentially lead a segment in a meeting or service that is not in the group.

Assigning someone to a segment does notify them or roster them. You can assign them a role for additional clarity of what they are doing in the segment or even tagging key details like what microphone they will use.

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