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In-Chat Features

Involv has all the familiar chat features you are looking for.

  • React to messages with an emoji (Tap Back)
  • Reply to a message
  • Copy the message text
  • Delete a message

This feature is unique to Involv, but extremely helpful because often you ask someone to do something in a text message or someone asks you to do something via a message and with Involv, you can convert that into a task.

  • Converting A Message Into a Task

You can access all of the message options by tapping the three dots on each message.

See who and what emoji everyone on the team that responded to a message by selecting the emojis on the message.

Know who is opening the group chat by tapping the eyeball on each message.

Make a voice memo by selecting the plus button in the bottom left corner of the group messenger and selecting voice memo. Tap the record button and when your done recording press the red end button. If you like your recording press send.

Tap the voice memo to delete it and record again.

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