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Ministry happens through messaging. Church leaders, teams and volunteers are sending messages daily to build relationships with their members. Sadly, churches can't measure activity, trends, success and failures of the billions of connections that happen daily. Unfortunately, big tech (Apple, Google, Facebook)  get the privilege of tracking this data and churches left to making decisions in the dark.

#1 Volunteers Have Too Much to Juggle

"Hey want to serve on this team? Well we use Group Over here, Slack over there and what app for your small group. Also, we are going to ask you to download this app that you'll check once a month to hit accept or decline. And I know we said use these messaging apps, but we are going to iMessage you anyways". Involv Chat consolidates all of these into one group message. Group message, plan events and event task management!

#2 Less to Juggle, Less to Learn

It's much harder to onboard people and even more difficult to do it at scale when systems are inconsistent. If volunteers have three different apps to join to serve, that a lot to learn how to use and setup! With Involv, volunteers can learn one app instead of 5 to get all of their church communication. We also sync volunteers rosters to their favorite calendar where they can accept or decline from a calendar invite or the app.

#3 Notification Overload

This was the reason we built Involv more than anything else. Being involved means being in one or more streams of communication. Volunteers don't need every notification, especially if they are not rostered, declined, serving on another team, or maybe even just sitting in a service for once. With Involv, if your not rostered for the next event in in your group, you will not get notified for every new message in your group! It's amazing.

#4 A Simple System, Stay On Mission

The more complicated you make it, the more distracted a group will become. Communication should be simple and effective always reminding people what your doing, why your doing it and most importantly, why it even matters.

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