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Why Involv?

Ministry happens through messaging. Church leaders, teams and volunteers are sending messages daily to build relationships with their members. Sadly, churches can't measure activity, trends, success and failures of the millions of connections that happen daily. Unfortunately, that leaves valuable information untapped and churches left to making decisions on what they think is happening, rather than trackable data of what's actually happening.

Church Small Groups Strategy

The best strategy requires the best insight. Involv was created to quantify involvement (hence the name Involv) within each group for organizations. From the beginning, we knew that it could offer incredible information to churches that would position them to be more effective in reaching people--but we also know it can only offer data if people are using it! For Involv to successfully track this important data for churches, we knew we needed to make the app valuable enough to ensure three key groups of people in the organization use it:

#1 Members

What this group needs is information - the who, what, when, where, why. What they don’t need is one more messaging app on their phone to spam them with notifications (which can easily happen in group texts, the go-to for most multi-person communication). For group members, the benefit of using Involv is that Smart Notifications are turned on by default. Smart notifications only allow members to be notified when they are rostered for an event with the exception of being tagged (either @group or their @username) in the chat.

#2 Groups Leaders

When most church leaders need to communicate with a group of people, whether it’s a small group or a weekend volunteer team, they pull out their phone and send a group text via iMessage or SMS. This is convenient for them, but a notification nightmare for members. With this tool, leaders can see who is involved and who is not, have access to follow up tools, and the ability to create events all within one group! These features and the information they provide are not only helpful for them, it’s incredibly valuable to church staff and leaders.

#3 Church Leaders

This group isn’t hard to convince about the value of using Involv. Having both leaders and members participating in Involv provides insight on what groups are active and what groups are not, what types of roles are being rostered and overall involvement. This is data churches have never had before! We hope this insight will help churches see what groups work, what groups don't work and why after some investigation. Messaging will never end in ministry, so why not find out what the metrics beneath that messaging are saying? Begin learning how involved your church is today!

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